Hello Everyone!

I am so sorry that I have been unable to post anything new for several months.  I was ill for over two months and then my husband received orders to work in Northern California (which is a vast improvement from TX) last month.  We have been crazy busy with the move and living out of our suitcases for weeks.  We finally moved into our townhome last week…well, sort of……the movers lost our mattress and boxspring as well as parts to my son’s bunkbed and my computer desk.  We spent three nights in a hotel until our new mattress arrived last night.   Our new home is in chaos right now until we organize and put things in their place so unfortunately I cannot post any new recipes until my kitchen has some semblance of order.  The kitchen is my first priority to get into order because I am so tired of eating out everyday.  I miss cooking for my family.  So hopefully by the end of January or early February, I will be able to post regularly to my blog.

Thank you all for your well wishes and your patience.


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